Handlebar Barista (Cardiff Central Train Station)

Cardiff Central Station
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Great quality coffee!


Always a pleasure to be able to get a coffee from these guys. Just really nice people making good coffee.


Brilliant coffee and nice to get some fresh air away from the office.


Brilliant coffee and so convenient to access from work.


I’ve been using Handlebar barista’s for the last six months or so. The coffee is delicious, I’d pick it over a chain coffee any day. The guys provide a warm and friendly service and always have a smile on their faces despite the weather being horrendous most of the time! Fully recommend:-)


Great coffee, happy and friendly service 🙆🏽


It was a very convenient location being right outside the train station for half sleepy commuters to get their caffeine fix. I was happy with the product though I think I would have been more impressed and gave better ratings if the coffee wasn't so weak. Overall, I did enjoy my coffee and the guy I bought it from was nice enough. I have alread recommended the place and the website to family and friends.