The Greazy Vegan

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Monday - Sunday12pm - 9pm
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47 - 49 Castle Arcade, Cardiff
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I'd been waiting patiently to try a Greazy Vegan burger..... and it was certainly worth the wait! Highly recommended!


Great vegan food


Great vegan fast food, excellent burgers and good value for money. Staff could have been more friendly but service was quick. Atmosphere of venue was a bit low, maybe if they played music this would improve things?


Nice, relaxed venue with awesome food!


Food was incredible, but a few teething problems in their first week. The only things that were available were the burgers (so no chips, wings, kebabs, chicken etc) and even though I got there as it opened at 12, I waited 40 minutes for my burger. Hopefully this will get ironed out the longer they are open.


Amazing burger - genuinely tasted and looked like it's meaty counterpart. Very slow to bring food out though, I waited 45 mins. Probably just the venue finding it's feet being new, or being understaffed that day in the kitchen, but still a long time to wait. Worth it in the end at least.


Food was a little disappointing, bland flavours.


It will probably take some time for Greazy Vegan to get through the teething problems they're currently facing with the high demand. As a result I've noticed a few impatient and rude customers. I feel bad for the customer facing staff at the moment. If you visit in the need few weeks I'd suggest being prepared that you WILL be waiting for a period of time. I waited about 30 minutes, but I had other friends who waited in excess of 2 hours during peak hours. I'd suggest not visiting any time soon if you're looking for a quick bite.


I'd love to say that the food was worth the wait but the wait itself was over 2 hours long (despite going at 3pm which would normally be an 'off-peak' time). The food was honestly incredible and didn't taste anything like other vegan substitutes available - the kebab being a particular highlight. The flavour of the bacon 'Vacon' double cheeseburger was almost indiscernible from the BK equivalent. The staff didn't really seem to know what they weer doing but I'll forgive them as it was the opening day for Greazy Vegan.