The Greazy Vegan

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Monday - Sunday12-9
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47 - 49 Castle Arcade, Cardiff
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Why we love it

The Greazy Vegan is Team Wriggle's great, unrequited love. What's so good about this wandering nomad of a pop-up, we hear you cry?

Greazy Vegan is the perfect antidote to the preachy, smug narrative that so often surrounds veganism and 'clean eating', making it seem unapproachable and unaffordable. Sick of the constant cycle of kale and quinoa, the chefs at Greazy Vegan decided to take a stand, and began cooking the indulgent, greasy, tasty junk food of their wildest drunken fantasies – completely cruelty free. Thus, Greazy Vegan was born, bringing joy to junk food-loving vegans across Cardiff.

Catch Greazy Vegan at their new city centre premises to enjoy 100% vegan burgers, hotdogs, sides and fries.


Incredible fried 'chickun' with the finest gravy in the land
Not being given a portobello mushroom burger for once...
Heavenly homemade dips.

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If you’re vegan, then go to Greazy Vegan, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re not vegan, then you might just be surprised at how good the food is.


I recommend the Big Moc it was beautiful


The service was a tiny bit slow but it was lunchtime on a Saturday, so to be expected! The Big Moc was hands-down one of the best vegan meals I've ever had, we'll be back regularly!


Fantastic quality and friendly service. Me, my girlfriend and two of our non-vegan friends demolished everything we had. Food arrived much quicker than we thought and everything was full of flavour to convince even the "manliest" of meat eaters. The Chickun Stripes were amazing. The burgers were almost identical to beef on a taste and texture level, and the cheese!?....Well I dunno what kind cheese they're using but it made everything even better! Think I'll DEFINETLY become a regular! 😃


Food was great, was told 30 min wait but took 50 mins to arrive.


Really good food from a place that has just opened. Ill be returning often.