Foxy's Deli

Opening Times
Mon – Friday8am – 5pm
Saturday8.30am – 5pm


Why we love it

Foxy's Deli is what we hope every great community hub felt like in those halcyon days before the arrival of filament light bulbs or fixie bikes. A Prime location (just across from the train station) and open to all.

Period paned glass windows, a deep green lick of paint and handfuls of boulevard-style café tables (primed for people-watching) epitomise the Deli's approachable exterior. Overlapping polyphonies of conversation roll through the door with each hungry coming or sated going and, inside, porcelain tinkles and silver cutlery chimes. Opposite the Deli's cold counter and squeezed between ceiling-high cabinets of miscellaneous jar-based delights, piano ivories too are frequently tickled.

Husband & Wife team Foxy and Sian are revered by their regulars for great-tasting food (doorstop-sandwiches, homemade soups, breakfasts to feed-the-thousands, an ever-so-cultured afternoon-tea-for-two), hearty service and a strong sense of place. An entire school in Penarth enjoys a hot Foxy-feed every day for lunch (which is no mean feat considering Foxy's modest kitchen!), the local Welsh Language society meet here for a natter and an endearing diversity of locals (young, old and somewhere between the two) are proud to call this their regular.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Indulge in all manner of delicious cheeses, meats and treats
  • Entertained the regulars with a little ditty on the piano
  • Enjoy some "me time" with an afternoon tea
  • Proper sandwiches with proper bread

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