EL Chilango Cocina Mexicana @ Small Bar

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Why we love it

After cutting his teeth at a top cookery school in Mexico City and grafting for a subsequent 4 and a half years at some of Barcelona's most prestigious Michelin Star restaurants, Ricardo - head hombre at El Chilango Cocina Mexicana - finally hotfooted his way to Cardiff to pursue an old-school foodie dream: making a living by crafting the authentic Mexican street food he loved as a kid and bringing foodie smiles to the faces of as many hungry folks as possible (most of whom, we'd wager, wouldn't have been lucky enough to taste the real thing before a visit to El Chilango Cocina Mexicana).

A regular feature at the Roath, Riverside and Rhiwbina markets (as well as a popular pop-up addition to the grazing roster of hoppy hangouts such as Small Bar on Church St), El Chilango - slang for Mexico City's resident guys, girls, icons and idiosyncracies - is one of our favourite spots in Cardiff for topped tacos and loaded nachos.

Everything here is the real deal: hand made, hand prepared and hand cooked by Ricardo. From tenderly battered chicken fillets, chimichanga infused veggies and skillfully balanced chipotle drizzle right down to every individual deep-fried nacho, this is food that's more colourful than a blessing of unicorns wrapped in rainbows and surrounded by full-to-bursting pinatas. Grab your nearest sombrero, dust off that old festival poncho and say ola to some of the best Mexican food in town.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Topped Nachos to blow your mind
  • Ricardo tells a mean foodie story
  • Taco 'bout tasty... El Chilango's Taco platters are something else

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