Double D's Hot Sauce @ Cannas Ale House

Opening Times
21st of December between 1pm – 6pm
Casual DiningTakeaway£

Cannas Ale House
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Why we love it

Double D’s Hot Sauce all began when Edd had an epiphany: that his life was destined to be dedicated to the creation and worship of all things hot sauce. And in late 2017, his vision became a reality.

Fed up with eating hot sauce that just tasted like paint stripper mixes with vinegar, Edd honed his skills to making hot sauce that actually tasted good. As someone who adds lashings of hot sauce on pretty much everything, he knew what worked and what didn’t. The result: a hot sauce that balanced a sweet deliciousness with that fiery goodness we all crave.

Double D’s Hot Sauce stays true to its roots, and everything is still made in small batches. Edd’s sworn to make everything with fresh fruit and fruit juice right here in Wales, pairing each ingredients with the chillies.



We don't go anywhere without a bottle of 'Passion Fruit X Tequila X Habanero'
Their 'Double Death Sauce' is NOT for the faint hearted, but boy is it good
Keep an eye on their website for the latest batches.