Cwtchitas @ Sticky Fingers

Opening Times
Monday - WednesdayClosed
Thursday - Friday4pm - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday11am - 10pm
£Street FoodTakeawayMeaty

Sticky Fingers Street Food, 199 - 201 Richmond Rd, Cardiff CF24 3BT
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Why we love it

Cwtchitas are bringing authentic Mexican street food to the streets of Cardiff, and we're talking proper Mexican food.

After popping up at various street food markets in their vibrant Frida (a bright yellow food trailer that's just begging for you to come over and say hi), they now also have a permanent residence at Sticky Fingers food market over in Roath.

Cwtchitas serve up out-of-this-world tacos - we're suckers for the pork pibil, but the beef barbacoa is as delicious as it can get -, dreamy nachos generously topped with cheese, or elote, a traditional dish involving corn, cheese and spice - a match made in heaven! They also have platefuls of huevos rancheros - fried eggs in spicy salsa, usually served with tortillas. Even better, they've got one of the most underrated typical dishes of Mexico: chilaquiles - a breakfast dish that can seriously compete with your traditional full English breakfast. It consists of tortilla chips generously topped with a spicy tomato sauce, with refried beans, pico de gallo, sour cream and eggs or meat - we just can't get enough.

For those who are looking for proper Mexican flavours, look no further, these guys are the real deal. They get their sauces and some of their ingredients delivered by a specialised Mexican shop, which means you'll get to douse your tacos in Valentina hot sauce, and drown your elote in a sea of tajin chilli powder. The absolute dream!


The pork pibil tacos are banging
Huevos Rancheros are the best hangover cure known to man... Just sayin'
They've got Valentina hot sauce, and that's always a plus