Opening Times
Everyday Lunch12pm - 2pm
Everyday Dinner5pm - 11pm

Why we love it

If your kind of a Chinese meal is dayglow Sweet & Sour Pork Balls and grease-soaked Prawn Toast then jog on – there’s nothing for you to see here. However, if you like your Chinese cooking to be that little bit more interesting then City Road’s .CN should pique your interest.

Whilst there’s plenty on the menu to please the adventurous, from Hot and Spicy Duck Tongues to Jellyfish with Cucumber, there’s a whole host of less intimidating options. Kung Po Chicken is spiked with dried chillies and peanuts, Guoti Dumplings are frilly-laced with pastry and Crispy Lamb Breast is covered in mounds of ferociously spicy chilli. If you’re feeling sociable then the Chinese hotpot is another way to go, as a bubbling pan of broth is brought to the table along with heaving plates of meat, fish, vegetables and noodles for to cook yourself.


Order a load of dishes and make the most of the Lazy Susan
Guoti Dumplings are seriously addictive
Rumour has it there’s a karaoke booth upstairs