Blanche Bakery


16 MacKintosh Place CF24 4RG
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Why we love it

Devilishly delicious cakes, warm doughnuts glazed to within a sugary inch of their lives, cocoa-infused melt-in-your-mouth cookies and some of the finest cruelty-free cupcakes you're ever likely to go weak at the knees over.

What started as a passion project with an ethical message (striving to create cruelty-free food that everyone can enjoy without compromising on taste or quality) has quietly grown into one of Cardiff's most feel-good foodie success stories. Originally creating, serving and delivering finely poised baked goods from the cosy surrounds of the home oven, Blanche Bakery's 100% soya free and 100% vegan treats now cosy up to kindred indie spirits Outpost Coffee in their uber-Instagrammable cafe in Roath.

Precise white lines, a modest stand (usually accompanied smiley owners, Amy and Rem), crisp white walls and a vivid green living wall create a calming canvas for Blanche Bakery's cupcakes to really shine through their Pyrex display counter. With varieties such as vegan chocolate hazelnut or salted caramel greeting you as soon as you walk in the door, it's always hard to resist leaving without a box or two to enjoy later.


Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and devilishly tasty cakes
Blanche Bakery's salted caramel cupcakes are dreamy
Take a selection box home and feast to your heart's content!