Arcadian Brewing Co. @ The Bridge Studios


The Bridge Studios, 454 Western Ave, Cardiff CF5 3BL
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Why we love it

Arcadian Brewing Company is a microbrewery based in Cardiff, founded in 2018 by passionate homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts Bethan Millett and Kristy Durbridge. Avid drinkers of craft beer for many years, they decided to try for themselves to make their favourite beverage. There they were, investing in some all-grain homebrew kit, making a mess in the kitchen. Fuelled by an appetite for experimentation, they quickly realised that they wanted brewing to be far more than a hobby for them and the idea of Arcadian was born.

Fast forward a few years and after much practice, that idea has become reality. Along the way they’ve had some Welsh National Homebrew Competition success, been actively involved in their local homebrew club, and qualified as judges.

Bethan & Kristy's influences are wide-ranging; there’s not much they don’t enjoy drinking and brewing, and Arcadian’s beers reflect this. They're heavily influenced by US craft beer and the diverse brews developed there, but equally inspired by traditional Belgian breweries, and classic British and European styles. Their philosophy is to maintain a rotating selection of beers alongside seasonal specials and experimental small batch brews, ensuring that we always have a variety of different beers available.

As for their name, it can have many meanings: simple innocent contentment, a rural or pastoral idyll, and simplicity. They believe that the greatest pleasures in life are the simple ones, like kicking back with a beer after a hard day’s work – and that’s why they chose to name their brewery Arcadian.


Keep an eye out for their special edition beers!
The passion they put in their work makes the beers taste even better