Wiper and True


2-8 York Street, St Werburghs
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Tap room in the brewery with lots of picnic benches outside and a pizza oven. A great spot but the best bit is the beers.


Great experience for beer enthusiasts. The guy running the tour was very knowledgable!


An excellent tour. The guide was really enthusiastic about the products and explained the brewing processes well. It was good to try the beers with an explanation behind them. The other people doing the tour and tasting were all friendly too.


Once you’ve had the beers at wiper & true you realise how bad other beer tastes.


Would normally have gone for at least a pint or 2 but cases of beer are a bit heavy, so needed the car. Love Wiper and True, great beer


The best brewery tour I've done. The host was extremely welcoming and passionate about being. He answered all our questions happily and we got easily enough beer to get a good understanding of the brewery and what they're about. Couldn't recommend highly enough.


Knowledge, knows their audience and engaging


Myself and a friend signed up for the tour. It ended up just being us and we had a private tour of the brewing equipment and process. We got to try a selection of the beers and even one from an unfinished store. Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Excellent value for money.


W&T has a cool atmosphere and excellent pop up food stall from Murray Mays the evening we went. The tour was good value, informative and pitched at the right level for a Friday evening. Would recommend the tour and a visit to the bar in its own right.