Wild Beer @ Wapping Wharf

6-8 Gaol Ferry Steps Bristol BS1 6WE
Opening Times
Monday - Friday12pm - 11pm
Saturday11am - 11pm
Sunday11am - 10pm

Why we love it

Wild Beer is a brewery in Shepton Mallet that makes some bonkers beers. They’re the experimental chefs of the brewing world, chucking everything from champagne yeast, lobster and mushrooms into their brews and seeing what happens. Most of the time it’s magic. After opening their flagship bar in Cheltenham they turned their attention to the new Wapping Wharf builds and were one of the new units to open. It’s a bright and airy bar with bench seating, encouraging people to share space, a semi-open kitchen and a huge choice of beers to choose from (tasting before buying is highly recommended).

Wriggle Highlights

  • Fantastic vegan and veggie brunch
  • Incredible beers
  • Open, airy bar

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