Opening Times
Monday - Friday 10am - 5.30pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

Why we love it

Step into Vx and the first thing you'll enjoy is the aroma of grilled cheese. Not what you'd expect from a vegan restaurant? But then this isn’t your average bean-fuelled veg fest. The folk at Vx are all about junk food, the stuff you crave late at night - kebabs, burgers, nachos, thick slices of cake. By championing indulgent, mouth-watering food, Vx have saved veganism from its stereotypes and shoved it firmly into the hipster limelight. Whether you’re vegan or not, the food is delicious, the surroundings colourful and vibrant, and the melted ‘cheese’ is gooey, soft and unbelievably moreish.


The Philly burger sandwiched between slices of grilled ‘cheese’
Choosing between soy, oat, almond or coconut milk
Browsing the shelves for vegan ingredients to cook at home