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10 Unity Street, Flat 1, BS1 5HH
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Why we love it

Veast stands for Vegan Feast, and this is exactly what Chef Tracy cooks up every week!

Each weekly menu is prepared with passion, from making their own smoky seitan chorizo to delicious dark chocolate marzipan stuffed truffles.

Come collect your food straight from Veast, and get ready to tuck in!

Top Wriggler reviews

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Luxury cooking in your own home - ordering from Veast is a dream. You always know Chef Tracy is going to come up with something that strikes the perfect balance of creative and comfort food. Tom is friendly and makes sure everything arrives warm and ready to go. Can't wait for my next vegan feast! PS: Please make more of that absolutely divine cauliflower cheese soup!


Delicious food, thoughtfully prepared and presented - a real treat for vegans. The truffles are especially delicious!


Chef Tracy was very kind and courteous on the phone and the collection process was a breeze. The food was still hot by the time I got home and was absolutely divine. I could not fault a single thing about it whatsoever, this is by far the best takeaway food I've had in Bristol and all for such a great price too. Plus, you can't beat helping a small business during lockdown either! Can't wait for the next course of delicious culinary excellence to grace my screen, thank you once again! :)


This is possibly the best Wriggle I've ever had - really well made, delicious courses, filling food, lovely personal touches. The truffles were especially delicious. Such a treat to have an entire vegan feast which was well thought out and made with care. Very highly recommended.


Lovely date night meal. Delivery was a breeze. Delicious, well thought out food.