Two Belly

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Monday - Friday10am - 8pm
Saturday9am - 8pm
Sunday11am - 5pm
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0117 973 8702
116 Whiteladies Road, Bristol. BS8 2RP
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Wriggler reviews

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Fantastic toastie and friendly staff. I will visit again for my cheese and beer provisions


One of the best cheese toasties I've ever had, you get what you pay for.


Great idea, fab place, hosts always lovely, amazing selection of craft beers and cheese to choose from


Really lovely evening out, we had four 1/3 pints which we split and kind of tried all of them. We chose (after advice) two cheeses and two meats with accompaniments. Good chat and then got some reasonably priced locals beers to take home. Will definitely go again in a bigger group.


Great service, knowledgeable and with a smile. Perfect spot for a date or a change from the usual post-work pub pint.


I went on the fondue night and was really quite disappointed. THE GOOD * The fondue was delicious * The drink selection was excellent * To compensate for the slow start, they gave us each one free beer. That was much appreciated! 😁 THE BAD * They had some setup issues and we didn't end up being served until we had been there waiting for 1 hour and 40 minutes - the event started at 7:30 but we weren't served until 9:10. Arriving hungry and having to wait so long for a simple to prepare dinner is a special kind of torture! * They overcharged me for the beers I ordered by putting the wrong one through the till. * The "and many more delicious things to dip" in the description turned out to just be a small bowl of raw cauliflower and red pepper. To be honest, I was expecting more. THE UGLY * I've ordered fondue before and it was both significantly cheaper and had better dipping items than this. I had hoped that this event would stand out by being more intimate, with the opportunity to chat to experts and maybe customise the fondue with different cheese or something. It was much less cozy than that, with all the staff far to frantic to really talk to. I think I would have been much better off going to a restaurant over this. * The photos advertising the event showed beer being served with the food. I find this misleading as no drinks are included in the price. SUMMARY The ingredients were good and this could have been a wonderful night with just a few tweaks and a bit more upfront preparation. I hope my experience was a one-off as this place really has potential.