The Vegetable Diva

Opening Times
Monday– Saturday8am – 4pm

Unit 1 East Building 4 Invicta, Millenium Promenade Bristol, United Kingdom BS1 5SY
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Why we love it

Enjoy the finest sourced dishes made with love at Vegetable Diva. Their aim is to limit their impact on the environment; by cooking seasonal foods, establishing a package free take-away and ensuring as little food waste as possible by having a flexible menu which changes with the seasons as well as demand.


The vegetable diva menu is made from scratch in-house
A brilliant zero waste packaging policy

Top Wriggler reviews

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Lovely fresh veggie food!


Situated at a gorgeous location. Burger was premade and cold but had flavour


The food was ok, unfortunately the vegan option turned out to be beetroot which I hate. The hemp protein bar completely crumbled into bits when I picked it up but it tasted nice!