The Secret Larder

Opening Times
Thursday - Saturday9am - 2:30pm

62 Heron Road Easton, Bristol
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Why we love it

If you happen to be strolling along in Easton, make sure to give the guys at The Secret Larder a visit. Tucked away in their rehabilitated garage, the team serves up delicious coffee, lunch options and sweet little treats that you simply can't say no to.

You're probably wondering who the brains behind this operations are. Meet Flo, Jack and Texas, three friends who decided to combine their respective skills to create The Secret Larder: a cosy, artsy and laid-back space where you can (and are encouraged) to draw on tables and tuck away phones and laptops - this place is all about chatting the day away!

The cafe is 100% plastic-free, meaning that you're advised to bring your own reusable cup if you wish to take your drink away.

From motorbike storage to great social cafe - talk about an upgrade!


Drawing on the tables
Plastic-free venue
Amazing coffee