The Epiphany Café @ RWA

Opening Times
Tuesday - Thurday9am - 5pm
Friday9am - 4:30pm
Saturday10am - 5pm
Sunday11am - 4:30pm

Queen's Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PX
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Why we love it

If the RWA's lofted ceilings, sweeping staircases and carefully hung contemporary canvasses combine to bring a world-class atrium of visual art to Queen's Road, then the gentle aromas of delicately filtered coffee, rejuvenating rays of morning light against vivid green succulents and spreads of moist, handmade cake resting on rustic wood slabs make this round-the-corner gallery café one of the most memorable recent openings in Bristol. A real Epiphany clad in period Victorian enamel.

The brainchild of Alex Zeal (a man who, it's safe to say, knows a thing or two about coffee) and Bethan Reid (queen of cakes, mistress of macarons and purveyor of delectable Patisserie), The Epiphany's charm is in its unassuming calm. You'll probably want to tell friends and colleagues about it in hushed whispers, lest you're next wait for a window-perch to accompany your morning flat-white or Hobbs' Bread lunchtime sourdough takes a little longer to secure.

Championing a fuss-free, contemporary menu of rustic lunch standards and lovingly sourced produce (think frittatas, wraps, quiches and verdant salads packed with veg from friends' gardens, and Tarte Tatins bursting Easton-allotment-grown Rhubarb), almost everything here is made to its own closely-guarded family recipe, selected from a sustainable local provider and cooked with care. The coffee is also fantastic (Bristol's Extract roasters feature heavily) - and you'll almost certainly find some inspiring tea blends, small-batch beers, and artisan wines if you fancy something a little different.

A no-brainer for breakfast, lunch or afternoon chill time if you live or work near the Triangle - and an absolute joy to discover if you're arriving from further afield.


Sweet tooth? Look no further than Granny Grenouille's Tarte aux Cerises or Bethan's delicious Plum and Strawberry Madeleines
Sip your coffee amidst the pot-plants, below the wrought-iron windows outside or - if you're lucky - sampling a rooftop view of the triangle from the RWA's period balcony
You'll struggle to beet the Mushroom, Gouda, Spinach and Beet Puree sourdough toastie.

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Beautiful balcony to sit on, great service using buzzers to call when food/drink is ready.


Very cozy place, love their hot chocolate


Really lovely cakes, lots of gluten free and vegan options. The coffee was delicious too.


Great cheese toasty. Not the speediest takeaway lunch but worth waiting for. And there's plenty of art to look at while you wait.


Lovely little cafe with wonderful gluten free options!


Love it, will definitely come back