The Bristolian

2 Picton Street, BS6 5QA
Opening Times
Tuesday - Saturday8am – 10.30pm
Sunday - Monday8am – 5pm

Why we love it?

The Bristolian has long been a landmark cafe/bistro for those in the know (welcome to the club), with the most recent owners retaining its cheery charm. It shines like a largely edible gem-stone atop Picton Street, brightly and busily churning out all manner of honest grub (seasonal and local, don’t you know), speciality coffee and generally delightful vibes. It’s one of those rare places which induces a sense of yearning – invariably looking more attractive than one’s destination (usually work) – with it’s heavily foliaged terrace catching sunshine all day long. Think Amelie aesthetic, with Bristolian charm.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Their brunch is stunning
  • An early-evening Espresso Martini
  • Sitting on their picturesque terrace

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