The Bristol Pantry


Unit B8, 6 Kingsland Trading Estate, St Philips Rd, Bristol BS2 0JZ
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Why we love it

Bristol Pantry is Wriggle's baby sister project that we launched during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bristol Pantry is all about getting exceptional food & drink from Bristol's finest independent producers, ordered in one place, and delivered in a weekly delivery. We deliver every Friday, but collection is also available.

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Great experience and absolutely perfect service. Highly recommended!


Great opportunity to try out new things!


I was all prepared to claim this offer, and pounced as soon as the offer went live. I was accepted and taken through to a page that asked for my contact details. As I already have an account with Wriggle (that I signed into beforehand), I was distressed to find I had to provide my address again. Once submitted, a message appeared confirming all available cases had been claimed. I was so upset and frustrated. After being initially accepted for the offer, it seems the delay caused by inputting my contact details meant I missed out. This is so frustrating. Once you are accepted, I think the case should be yours. I do not think it is fair or reasonable to penalise me for having to provide information that Wriggle already have on their records.