The Bridge Inn

Opening Times
Mon - Thurs12pm - 11.30pm
Fri - Sat12pm - 12am
Sunday1.30pm - 11:30pm

The Bridge Inn, Passage St, Bristol
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Why we love it

The Bridge Inn may be one of Bristol's most diminutive watering holes (you can barely squeeze 18 thirsty mouths, hungry bellies and well-tuned ears around its wooden round tables, swivel top cast iron stools and 10 feet of ale-tanned bar) but, thanks to a torso sized, lightning bolt emblazoned plectrum perpetually swinging from above its entrance - not to mention the 3-storey monochrome tribute to the great Jimi Hendrix gazing out over Passage St - it's a big presence on St Philip's Bridge.

Recognised year on year by CAMRA for their excellent selection of independent real ales, The Bridge is as much a foodie's comfort-munch pub as it is a destination for your discerning cask connoisseur (think warming, homemade chilli con carne, satisfyingly chunky burgers, massive sarnies and banging burritos alongside resolute pumps of IPA, Stout and Bitter).

The music, whilst never overpowering, is a reason to come back, too. In a sonic world defined by top-40 bilge and middle-of-the-road mediocrity in many pubs, The Bridge's penchant for spinning classic guitar, rock and singer-songwriter tracks (Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Neil Young etc) alongside some of the most revered artists to have graced Bristol over the years (Bowie, Led Zep etc) is very much to Team Wriggle's linking. Even if the music isn't really your thing, the pub's little touches are reasons to visit on their own (board games in the corner, exposed wooden floorboards, scrapbook wallpaper). Get here for after work drinks, lunchtime grub or a properly cool place to conduct a university seminar (we're looking at you, BIMM tutors!).


Pay homage to the 30ft mural of Jimi Hendrix
Great beer (which is why they're in the CAMRA Guide) and food (which is why they're on Wriggle)
Bring a large handful of mates and you'll get an entire pub to yourself for as long as you want! Bristol's most central pub (according to the omniscience of Google)