The Bowl Shed @ Millennium Square Beach Club

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Millennium Square, Explore Ln, Bristol, BS1 5SZ
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Why we love it

Get your smartphone at the ready, for these most-Instagram-able bowls of healthy superfoods.

The Bowl Shed is popping up at the fantastic Millennium Square Beach Club, and they're all about huge, beautiful bowls of healthy superfoods. These are multi-coloured bowls of goodness - most of them built on a base of Acai (the Amazonian superfruit) and laden with all manner of fruits, seeds, berries and honey, to create a dish so beautiful you hardly want to eat it.

They're big old bowls and will leave you feeling fighting fit, energised and ready ready for your day - and make a hearty breakfast, or a top-notch lunch. Wriggle recommends the stand-out "The Hench".


Toppings galore!
Enjoying a fresh smoothie bowl in the Bristol sunshine

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really delicious smoothie bowl. Very filling