Taco Station @ Bristol & Bath Rum Distillery

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87-89, Park St, Bristol BS1 5PW
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Why we love it

Hailing Straight from Mexico City, this is the place with the best tacos in the world!

Raised surrounded by cactus, chillis and bottles of tequila, Saul (the brains behind Taco Station) arrived in Bristol only to find hard shell tortillas and soggy burritos filled with chilli-con-carne! Little old Saul wasn't very happy with that sad state of affairs – oh no. After a long time searching and searching for a decent taco and finding very few options, lil Saul decided to take matters into his own hands, and thus Taco Station was created by the maddest Mexican in Bristol. Like a true modern hero, Saul has made good on his promise to give the people of this city the true taste of the cheesy soft goodness of the real Mexican Taco!

With big, bold flavours, pillow soft taco shells and mountains of delectable extra toppings to add into the mixer, Taco Station is a seriously enticing stop on the journey of life.

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really tasty tacos, and a great deal


Excellent tacos!


Great tasting Mexican food, that came in big portions Filled me up to the max and tasted fresh and full of zesty flavours. Loved this Mexican street food and my deal also included and beer which complimented my food Delucioso