Stone & Dough @ The Stag & Hounds

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74 Old Market St, Bristol BS2 0EJ
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Why we love it

Stone & Dough are the brand new pop-up at The Stag & Hounds: they're all about bready treats (hello gooey pizzas with chewy crusts) and other pub-grubby goodies such as spiced wings, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle chips, and more!

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Small Pizza & Fries - say whaaaat. I should have made the fries last just to draw out the experience, but I couldn't keep my fingers off them. They look so normal but bugger me they were some salty herby crispy fluffy goodness. Pizza was nice too.


Korean Style Wings - niceeeeeeee.


Great venue, excellent food!


Great food, chicken wings were very juicy and tasty and garlic bread super garlicy!


The food was absolutely amazing and chef was so polite and happy to talk to us when we wanted to let him know we loved the food. So much food for 2 people aswell, could feed 3!


The Berserker Pizza is absolutely delicious, amazing toppings, the best pizza that I've had in Bristol. Korean chicken wings are fabulous and served with a terrific, spicy sauce. All the Stone and Dough food is perfectly cooked and beautifully presented, generous portions too. Great, eclectic venue, lots going on, very friendly, welcoming staff. We had a great night and we're going back in a couple of days for more! You must try this place.