Stone Baked @ Wiper & True


2-8 York St, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9XT
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Why we love it

The guys at Stone Baked decided to have their own pizza-making business to share their passion for those circles of doughy goodness with each and every one of us. If your thing is traditional, quality pizza, then 'your thing' is Stone Baked because if it's not traditional and quality then it ain't Stone Baked!

Stone Baked is a festival and private hire catering company selling artisan, stone baked pizzas from a traditional wood-fired oven. At the heart of this venture is a genuine love of pizza. From authentic dough recipes to traditional Sicilian sauces right down to the final caper or slice of cured meat the team never compromise on standard.

When in doubt, just trust the guys, they know what they’re doing!


That chewy dough with oozy mozzarella is like no other
Good mood guaranteed

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The pizza was very good, cooked in seconds!


Wiper & True is a great place to enjoy a few pints ( great beer and lovely atmosphere), and the addition of pizza was really nice. The pizza itself was nice in spite of a few technical difficulties the Stonebaked team seemed to be having.