Steam Beer Hall

Steam Bristol, Clifton Down Station, Bristol BS8 2PN
0117 317 9200
Sunday RoastMeatyAl FrescoBoozy£££Live EntertainmentLively Evenings
Why we love it?

Remember the Roo Bar - the legendarily chaotic and ramshackle sports-bar in the old Railway Building in Clifton Down? It is no more. It has ceased to be. In its place has risen Steam - bringing a fittingly steam-punk vibe to the magnificent old station-building, along with quality craft beer and Rotisserie Chicken. The chicken is an overnight marinaded bird steamed then slowly spit-roasted to perfection and served up on palm-leaves (there's also a Ratatouille & Bean Casserole for veggies), the beers include world craft beers, some Cornish favourites (a nod to owner Kevin's Cornish heritage) and excellent-value lagers.

Something tells us Steam is going to keep the raucous flame of Roo Bar alive - just with better beer, top-quality Rotisserie chicken, and less sports-screens. Perfect.

Wriggle Highlights
  • Perfect to bring together a group of mates over beer & chicken
  • Live-music and gigs in a magnificent location

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