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27-29 Newminster House, Baldwin Street Bristol, United Kingdom
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Why we love it

Sen Cafe could be defined as being a little bit like the now legendary Big Bao's little brother, as both venues were born from the same brains. In many ways, though, Sen is more the big brother, since it takes all of the very best bits of Big Bao's offering, and adds in even more tasty options to the menu.

If you've been to Big Bao before, you'll be familiar with their delicious Banh Mi baguette sandwiches, packed with fresh and crispy fillings. You may have also tried the tasty jasmine rice boxes with toppings that are simply mouth-watering, and the cracking range of bubble tea options that, let's be honest, we can never say no to. The good news is, there are all these and even more yummy additions to the menu up for grabs at Sen, including steamy bowls of Pho - both meaty and veggie, and new delicious vegan options!

What's our favourite? That's a tough one! If we had to only pick one for the rest of our lives, we'd probably opt for the Curry rice with their "Mum's home style chicken": a seriously delish home-style marinated grilled chicken with lemongrass, shallot and their very special Big Bao sauce.


Curry Rice with Mum's Home Style Chicken
Veggie Pho
Big Bao Special Bao Bun
Jasmine Green Tea with White Peach and Lychee Popping Bubbles

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Great food, lovely staff and really nice chill cafe, the Vietnamese coffee is amazing!


One of my favourite places to Wriggle! Plus they now serve their bubble tea in a glass with a metal straw - awesome company and delicious food :)


Proper Banh Mi in Bristol at last! The bread is just right (not 'supermarket baguette') and the fillings on point. Delicious!


Amazing tasting fresh food! Will be back


Food and service were both lovely :) would definitely go again.


Good food