Rose Nisbet Pottery

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Wood Studio, Clifton Wood Road, Bristol, BS8 4TW
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Why we love it

Rose Nisbet shares her pottery expertise through her wonderful workshops in beautiful Clifton.

After graduating from University of the Arts London, Rose moved back to her hometown Bristol to set up shop. Through hosting regular pottery workshops, Rose imparts her wonderful pottery know-how to us curious Bristolians. Rose can help you build your own beautiful pottery through a slab hand building technique. This is a great alternative to the usual pottery wheel and is equally suitable for beginners. Clay is truly her forte - she is a pro guide at helping you create a range of clay textures, such as imprinting flowers, lace and leaves. Let's just say you'll be leaving Rose's workshops with some utterly wonderful hand-crafted pieces to spruce up your home.


Did we mention some of her events involve Prosecco?
Perfect for handmade gift making