Renato's Taverna dell'Artista

Opening Times
Open Tuesday - Saturday

Why we love it

Sat next door to the infamous Old Vic, Renato’s is a bit of a National Treasure, but with less Nicholas Cage. Although the upstairs is a traditional Italian restaurant, the downstairs pub has historically been dedicated to watering Thespians far and wide whilst they’re on tour. The walls are covered with posters from plays past and signed headshots of the stars that have passed through the pub’s doors over the years. Open til 2am on weekends Renato’s pub incarnation will serve you up thin based pizzas to combat the munchies at a decent price. All under £10, expect traditional favourites like Four Seasons, Ham and Mushroom and personal favourite the Inferno, thick cut salami with a good burn of chilli.
(Pizza pic care of @powchung)

Wriggle Highlights

  • Brilliant posters on the wall from plays gone by
  • Signed pictures of the stars on display
  • Proper thing and crispy pizza

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