Red Rope Theatre Company


Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3EW
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Red Rope is a Bristol-based theatre company which create high quality productions that make theatre accessible for all people. After their critically acclaimed performance of Dracula in the Arnos Vale cemetery in 2015, this year they're returning to the unique setting with another gothic classic.

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Excellent show


Small intimate venue amazing back drop excellent acoustics


Both the play and the cafe at Arnos Vale were brilliant I’ll definitely be going back.


The performance was superb . Red Rope is a terrific theatre company and to use the beautiful setting of Arnos Vale Cemetery is for this chilling supernatural story is genius. The actors were incredibly talented, and Jekyll/Hyde's uncanny ability to switch voice, persona, posture and emotions in an instant sent shivers down my spine. Already looking forward to next year's performance in what has become an autumn tradition for us. Well done Red Rope


Very atmospheric theatre space.


Acting was incredible, portrayal of characters was thorough, thought through and three dimensional. Really engaging and immediate.