Rebel Roll

6JT, Redcliff St, Bristol BS1
Opening Times
Monday – Wednesday7AM – 3.30PM
Thursday – Sunday7AM – 3.30PM & 5.30PM – 9.30PM
£BurgerVeggie FriendlyMeatyTakeawayCasualSpeedy
Why we love it?

If you frequented the vicinity of the Triangle about 4 years ago, you may (and should) remember – or may have heard vaulted tales of – the original Magic Roll. Not to be confused with the Taka Taka incarnation, this charmingly ramshackle joint smashed out a selection of the finest wraps we’ve ever experienced. That’s no lie. So you’ll be glad to hear that the original G’s behind it are back with a vengeance, determined to share everything they’ve learned with you; from how they make, prepare and serve their food to how they run a fun and open business - because that's the reason they do it. They're back because they love what we do; proudly creating great tasting, honest food for the people of Bristol. And boy do we love it too.

Wriggle Highlights
  • Tuck into an 'Old York Melt' if you're feeling carnivorous
  • If you skipped breakfast and need a fix, this is the place to go
  • Don't miss out on the Krabbi Patty lobster in a brioche bun on Thursdays

“Keep your eyes peeled on the daily specials board”

Leon Hughes, Chef

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