Popti & Beast

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94 Mina Road
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Why we love it

Head over to St Werburghs, and check out this wonderful new addition to the Bristol foodie scene - a fantastic butchery-come-bakery hybrid of a shop. Although Popti & Beast only opened in the summer of 2017, they've already made a resounding splash with their top-quality products. Specialising in grass-fed and organic meat, if you're planning on cooking up a storm for your nearest and dearest, Popti & Co should most definitely be your first port of call.

Their selection of savoury, pastry-based pleasure is fabulous too - think pies, sausage rolls, scotch eggs and arancini balls. Those of you with a sweeter tooth won't go away disappointed - Popti & Co have got a b-e-a-utiful range of fresh bread, rich, gooey brownies, and the freshest, tastiest cakes, better than your mum makes.

These guys really put the hours in, too - opening at 7am daily, they work right through until 6pm. Wriggle recommends calling in before work, selecting something for lunch from their stunning range of baked delights, and picking up some top-quality meat to look forward to cooking at dinner time dinner. Although these guys are closed on Sundays, we can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than by picking Popti & Co's collective brain about the best joint to cook at home for your Sunday roast.

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Possibly my favourite burger in Bristol! Really juicy and flavourful with the perfect balance of toppings and sauces. Fries are really nice and crispy too.


Lovely burger and chips - would recommend


Ace lunchtime deal on incredibly delicious cheeseburgers... *Italian Chef Kiss*


These burgers are excellent! Really flavourful and delicious. You also get a generous portion of fries - the thin kind - which were excellent, perfectly crispy.


Definitely one of the meatiest burgers I've had in a long time, and quite messy too, absolutely delicious.😋


Fantastic burger, very tasty and in a brioche bun. Fries were lightly spiced and also good.