Pipal Tree

Opening Times
Monday and Tuesday10am - 9:00pm
Wednesday10am - 2:00pm
Thursday10am - 9:00pm
Friday and Saturday10am - 9:30pm
Sunday10am - 3:00pm

0117 955 8820
28 Chelsea Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6AF
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Why we love it

This isn't your average Indian restaurant. Nestled on Chelsea Road, Pipal Tree has taken Indian and Punjabi classics and fused them with British and European cuisine to create something truly special. After all, where else can you find fresh Mussels in Tarka Masala orTandoori Pheasant?

It's intimate and small (call ahead to book!) - making it a perfect date-night option. In the daytime it applies its innovative approach - fusing the classic Fried Breakfast with Punjabi specials.


Punjabi brunch
Tarka Masala Mussels
Sausage, Aloo & Anda Subji

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Fantastic family restaurant. The food was delicious. I'll be going back


Brilliant food and even better service.


What a lovely little restaurant hidden away in a quiet residential neighbourhood. Family-run, mum and dad cook and kids work the front-of-house. Everyone cares, and the food is delicious. Plenty of options for vegans, too.


Beautiful food, lovely staff


A fabulous family business. Great food, great people. A great discovery thanks to Wriggle.


The staff were lovely, so humble and you can tell the business and food means a lot to them. Also the food was incredible. The menu is really nicely laid out into sky, land, garden and sea which was a really nice touch. 10000% worth the visit