Pionka's Chocolate Cafe

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Wednesday - Monday10 am - 6 pm
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192 Chletenham road, Bristol, BS6 5RB
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Why we love it

Mariusz Pionka created Pionka's Chocolate with a dream of showing Bristol just how amazing artisan chocolate can be.

They've been popping up in Bristol and its surrounding areas, cheering people up with their chocolate and passion for it since 2016.

In 2018 they opened their first shop at 190 Gloucester Road and as a shared project with local artist Diego Godoy, started Art and Chocolate. A year after, they opened Pionka's Chocolate Cafe at 192 Cheltenham Road. They've added a coffee machine and with the expertise of barista Lisa Gonzalez, they are busy crafting drinking chocolate recipes to match their delicious products, all made in-house.

They make their unique chocolate from bean to bar, using the traditional method of stone grinding sometimes called Mexican-style or chocolate “a la piedra”. They use only two ingredients - cocoa beans and cane sugar, to make a truly amazing flavour with a rustic texture. These guys care about catering to all chocolate lovers, and it certainly shows - they have a wide range of vegan chocolate available.


Their extensive Melted Tempered Hot Chocolate selection - from 100% dark chocolate, to 42.5% ruby chocolate and 28% white chocolate!
Ever-changing truffle flavours

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loved it amazing chocolate!!!!


Tasty treats for chocolate lovers.


beautifully presented chocolate shop/café with the most tempting and delicious divine array of home made chocolates that I've ever had, lovely friendly service..


Really nice little cafe with home made chocolate.


Cute little cafe that makes their own chocolat


Only went in for a coffee which was okay. I would say they specialise in chocolate (it smelt amazing in there!) but I didn't buy or taste any.