Oowee Vegan - Picton Street

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Monday - TuesdayClosed
Wednesday - Sunday12pm - 10pm
Casual Dining££BurgersTakeaway

0117 280 0154
54 Picton Street, Bristol, BS6 5QA
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Why we love it

After the undeniable success of Oowee Vegan on Baldwin Street, the Oowee team have decided to make of their Picton Street shop a new vegan spot.

The kings of sloppy, dirty junk food have done it again: they’ve taken some of our favourite dirty treats and made them deliciously vegan. What used to be Oowee Diner, and then Oowee Vebab is now simply Oowee Vegan, but serving up different goodies from their Baldwin St hideout.

This brand new menu features banging Chik'n wraps, packed full with fresh toppings of all kinds, and out-of-this world sauces that may or may not get you addicted. These wraps aren’t only for vegans though, meat-eaters are more than welcome to try them: they’ve been designed to be a better, more delish’ version of the meat alternatives – and the result is outstanding.

You’ll also be able to set your hands on out-of-this-world cheeseburgers, dirty fries, chicken nuggets and other quirky sides – all vegan and absolutely delicious, of course.


We can't resist the call of a Chik'n Caesar Wrap
It's vegan, and it's absolutely banging

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Tasty fast food wonder


The food was nice but not as breath-taking as usual


Great flithy vrgan food


Amazing vegan junk food that's seriously tasty and huge portions as well!


With the vebab's, you get A LOT of food for your money!! So yummy too. Can't believe it's not meat... very clever


Deliciousssssss. Who needs meat???