Oowee Diner

Opening Times
Mon - Fri5pm - 11.30pm
Sat1pm - 11pm
Sun1pm - 10.30pm

Why we love it?

Wowee Oowee. You've answered our calls for something more than soggy chips after too many drinks in Stokes Croft. This funky, retro diner popped up along Picton Street and quickly made its mark. You won't find a menu like Oowee's anywhere in Bristol - this is dirty food done really (really) well.

Think burgers smothered in top-notch relish and Southern-inspired spicy sauces, and perfect French fries layered with buffalo shrimp, jalapeño cheese sauce, or baconnaise (to name a few).

The peanut butter bacon burger could satisfy Elvis Presley, the king of indulgent dirty food. Top off your extravagant take away with their ridiculously wicked doughnuts, cookie dough or Freakshakes.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Melty melting, gooey oozy cheese on everything
  • Pulling up a stall at the window bar to eat
  • Chocomel, our new-found milky friend

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