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36 King Street, Bristol BS1 4DZ
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Why we love it

The team at Millinut are strong believers that many of our best memories relate to food, and we couldn't agree more! As such, they've decided to create baked goods that will take us straight back to those times: it could be those biscuits that your Grandma used to make on special occasions or that donut you bit into on a coffee break during hours of strolling around New York.

Millinut's baked doughnuts are one of our favourites treats out there - with original flavours such as lemon & poppy seeds, raspberry, white chocolate & pistachio or roasted almonds, milk chocolate glaze & salted caramel, they've definitely captured our hearts.


The team are the sweetest people around
We're suckers for their Prestige doughnut...
Even though all flavours are absolutely delicious!