Lovett Pies @ The Rabbit Hole

7 Ashley Road, Bristol, BS6 5NH
Opening Times
Every Friday;
2nd & 3rd Sunday of the Month

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Why we love it

Lovett Pies was established in 2011 by friends and pie connoisseurs Phil Roseblade and Chris Parry. The pair met in 2007 when they worked together at the Chequers pub in Bath and it was whilst toiling away in the pub kitchen that they first recognised the high demand for quality handmade pies. Combining their knowledge and passion for interesting flavours with a commitment to quality and locally-sourced ingredients, the pair began to successfully experiment with different pastries and fillings.

Lovett Pies have a rather lovely habit of popping up all over the place. Now they're at The Rabbit Hole Farmer's Market on Ashley Road, a hub of exciting foodie delights.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Fab pies at a fab Stoke's Croft concept store / farmer's market – could it get better?
  • Their truffled mushroom pie is a winner

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