Loose Cannon

Opening Times
Weds - Thurs16.30 - 01.00
Fri - Sat15.00 - 02.00
Sun15.00 - 23.00

Loose Cannon, Unit 1b, Building 8, Millennium Promenade, BS15SZ
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Why we love it

Just off Millennium Square lies Loose Cannon – a brand spanking new cocktail bar that team Wriggle are VERY excited to welcome to the gang.

Right in the heart of the Harbourside, Loose Cannon is a seriously stylish setting in which to enjoy some high quality cocktails. Forget the cheap, juice-filled, watery dishwater that so often masquerades as a cocktail these days – these drinks are decadent, delicious, and inventive. With highly trained bar staff who really know their stuff, making seasonal cocktails served in bespoke glassware, you're guaranteed to get something memorable.

The team at Loose Cannon are so sweet, all their syrups are made at the bar or come from the Bristol Syrup Company. All staff are trained on classic cocktails (if you ask for it, they’ll make it). What's their style? Think crazy garnishes, names, and pop culture references. It's a place for quality drinks, and time with your mates. And don't worry - you can enjoy the fabulous cocktail displays even if you're not a fan yourself. If you want a pint, you can have one! (Goose Ale, Midway IPA and Old Blue Last are on tap - as well as Orchard Pig Cider and Yeastie Boys Stout). We love that Loose Cannon infiltrates Millennium Square, bringing an independent creative spark to this relatively chainy area of Bristol.


Staying til late, when the place transforms into a party bar with amazing tunes
Asking for a barman's choice
Quirky, conceptual cocktails.

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Lovely staff lively cocktails


Staff were super friendly and the cocktails arrived swiftly and were out of this world!!


Nice little cocktail bar with really really good cocktails- they do that little bit extra and it makes the difference. Well with a visit.


Really great venue with fab music playing!


Amazing atmosphere, very attentive and friendly staff and cocktails were awesome. Different to what you get in other places! Unicorn tears and Marmalade cocktails were out of this world!


Loose Cannon has a really good vibe and tasty high quality cocktails, but above all, unparalleled service. I was greeted like a friend, and even though I was a PITA about not liking one of the cocktails I was treated with benevolence by all the staff.