Little Hollow Pasta @ The Harbourside Market

Opening Times
Sunday – WednesdayCLOSED
Thursday12pm – 2:30pm

The Harbourside, Bristol, BS1
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Why we love it

Chris & Clair are dedicated to making fresh pasta in Bristol. Their passion for making pasta started off when they mastered the shape of Cavetelli – the direct translation of which gave them the inspiration for their name: Little Hollows. Since then, this talented duo have devoted their time to perfecting a wide range of different doughs in various colours and shapes. If you're paying a visit to the Little Hollows Pasta street food stall, expect exquisite handmade pasta that's been expertly prepared and cooked. As you'd expect, the lovely pair are highly knowledgeable in the pasta department, including how to cook fresh pasta at home – so feel free to ask the guys everything you've ever wanted to know about the nation's favourite dish.


We highly recommend trying their Agnolotti pasta – to be honest any filling is a perfect combination.

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Food was delicious and portion sizes were just right. Really recommended.


Honestly never had such good pasta or pesto. I was licking the container clean.


Absolutely delicious fresh pasta made to order. Would happily eat until I pass out.