La Guinguette

Opening Times
Monday - TuesdayClosed
Wednesday - Saturday12pm - 10:30pm
Sunday12pm - 9:30pm
Casual DiningSteakRestaurants

La Guinguette, 243 Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5QP
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Why we love it

When the fairy lights are on and the restaurant is bustling, you could be mistaken for thinking you've fallen into a Midnight in Paris-style alternate reality, and woken up in the heart of the city of lights. Look outside, and you might be surprised to see the Montpelier railway arches just down the road, and the Prince of Wales across the street. Okay – so we're romanticising a little bit, but this is one truly lovely, authentic feeling little spot, right in the heart of Bristol.

La Guinguette is the petit bébé of husband and wife duo Roxane and Jérôme, plus their best friend Ophélie, which, in its own right is a truly lovely story. The trio wanted to transport the very best simple French food to the streets of Bristol, and this is a mission which we are very, very on board with. The menu is one of those ones where you want literally every single dish – there isn't a bum note on it. Expect streak frites, Croque Monsieurs, charcuterie, raclette and more – plus a very, very enjoyable wine list. For a generous portion of gastronomic joy, hotfoot it over to la Guinguette.


The Raclette is something that really can't be missed
We really like the atmosphere here – buzzy without being too busy, and homely AF too.