Katie and Kim's Kitchen

Opening Times
Wednesday - Saturday8am – 5pm
Sunday10am – 5pm

Why we love it?

Oh Katie and Kim, how we love you. You seem very nice, but we’re mainly interested in your food. If you’re also looking for love, get down there for breakfast and tuck into one of their home-baked rosemary and cheddar scones, layered with the finest streaky bacon, buttered-to-the-brim charred greens, perfectly poached eggs and secret recipe chutney.

Winners of the 2013 British Street Food award, these lovely lassies are now serving up all manner of goodies (and recently improved coffee, courtesy of Bristol’s own Roasted Rituals) on an enormous table where you rub shoulders with other delighted punters, or have it brought out to the charmingly ramshackle garden. This is honest food at its finest.

Photos by Morgane Bigault.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Communal Table
  • Their Rosemary Scones
  • The Brunch - it's the best around

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