Jamaica Street Stores

Opening Times
Monday – Thursday; Kitchen 12-3pm 6pm-930pm; Bar 12-10:30pm
Friday & Saturday; Kitchen 12-3pm 6pm-10pm; Bar 12-11pm
Sunday; Kitchen 12-4pm; Bar 12-5pm

Why we love it

Taking over a screen printers in Stokes Croft, Jamaica Street Stores has quote the impressive first impression. A tall, listed building made mostly of windows allowing you to peer into the large open space indoors can't help but pique your interest.

The brain child of some of the big influencers in the city (Charlie James, former head chef at River Cottage Cafe, Mitch Church, previously director at Bagel Boy, Lee Peacock, company director at CUPP Bubble Tea and Alfie Allen, creative director at Crack magazine) they have embraced the way food culture is heading.

Serving mall plates with 50% of the offering being veggie and vegan, plus raw food available alongside high quality meat and fish options, you would be hard pressed to find someone who couldn't eat here. Their Sunday Roasts have come under the critical review of the Sunday Roast Club and have been marked excellent.

(Pics courtesy of Jamaica Street Stores FB page)

Wriggle Highlights

  • Beautiful restaurant with open plan kitchen
  • Huge choice of non meat dishes
  • Great Sunday Roast

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18 Jan
It’s unsurprising that Stokes Croft is one of the best places to find a flourishing independent scene. But which one do you choose? Whether you’re looking for delicious grub or a riotous night out, you won’t be disappointed.