Jacob's Finest @ Beats / Tobacco Factory Night-Market

Raleigh Road, BS3 1TF

£££VeganVegetarianStreet FoodMiddle Eastern

Why we love it?

The finest purveyors of Falafel: Jacob's Finest combine quality ingredients with a perfected process for some seriously top-notch Falafel.

An intricate and rigorous procedure: Jacob's Finest begin their labour of love by soaking their own peas for a full twelve hours. Next, they add fresh garlic and onion and their very own special and top-secret spice mix. The cooking process is where Jacob's falafel really distinguishes itself. They're super strict with temperature and timing, use best quality GM free Rapeseed oil and, and bam - there you got it - tippity top Falafel.

So, where to try some of these delicious creations for yourself?

Most recently they're popping up at Beats @ Tobacco Factory, but otherwise they're at Temple Quay Food Market, every Thursday & Frome Supermarket in Frome, every First Sunday of the Month. Wraps and salad boxes with all the trimmings will be available, or alternatively buy a box of Falafel to take home!

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