Hanoi Coffee Company

Opening Times
Monday-Saturday 8

Why we love it

A brisk walk across the road from sister restaurant Sticks & Broth, this modern take on a Vietnamese coffee shop zings with character, DIY counters are made from recycled wood while the menu is helpfully splattered across the wall. THe Pho is beautifully presented in a medium size bowl, thus meaning you avoid a 3pm broth induced food coma. Also available are their wonderful selection of Banh Mi, a fresh baked Ciabatta which they fill with Beef Brisket, Chashu Pork and Soy Garlic Chicken with house made pickles, fresh chilli, coriander, cucumbers, hoisin sauce and sweet chilli mayo. Still got room? Have a speciality drip coffee made with condensed milk.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Moo Mi Banh Mi
  • Cinnamon Egg Toast
  • Vietnamese Drip Coffee

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