Opening Times
Monday - Thursday Lunch12 - 2.30pm
Monday - Thursday Dinner5.30 - 11pm
Saturday12 -11pm


Why we love it

Classico and magnifico! Giuseppe’s is both at once.

Tucked along a backstreet off St Nick’s in Old Town, it offers a slice of little Italy in an area saturated by cool contemporary cafes. We love the traditional white tablecloths, the perfectly set tableware, the waiting staff’s crisp white overalls, and the aroma of freshly picked basil and melting mozzarella.

It’s not all plates piled high with thick ribbons of spaghetti, or meatballs in rich tomato marinade, however. While upholding its long standing legacy as the city's oldest Italian eatery, this family-run venture has moved with the times, and specialises in a wide range of modern small plates.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Their perfectly cooked pizza
  • A top-quality Italian wine selection
  • Traditional Italian cuisine done well

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29 Mar
Great Italian food isn't all about pasta and pizza – although those are undeniably a prime attraction. Wriggle takes its magnifying glass to the Italian restaurants of Bristol, exploring the range of cuisines on offer and zooming in on favourites which are worth every penne.