Full Court Press

Full Court Press
Opening Times
Monday - Friday7.30am – 5pm
Saturday9am – 5pm
Sunday10am – 4pm


Why we love it

The name describes a defensive tactic used in basketball; a no compromise, all-out approach to play. But Full Court Press certainly aren’t on the defensive: they’re out to (politely but actively) convert people to better coffee.

By 'better coffee' we mean the Third Wave, a movement urging people to appreciate coffee as an artisanal product, in the same way as they do wine or champagne, for example. This approach to coffee is perfected with a little help from equipment, technique and the sort of space-age terminology which would have put the lunar landings to shame. Full Court Press's coffee is truly out of this world, with each sip highlighting distinct flavours that showcase not only the drinks' unique provenance, but every step taken from bean-pick to brew. The service is bright, unerringly honest and incredibly informative – head to FCP with an open mind and open ears, and get ready for the coffee of a lifetime.

Wriggle Highlights

  • The unrivalled knowledge and skill of the team
  • ‘Better Brewing’ Courses
  • Cool Bike Spotting
  • The stunning frontage of the building.

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