Flicks Metro Video Club @ The Lazy Dog Pub

Opening Times
Mon-Thursday 12pm―1030pm.
Friday-Saturday, 12pm―12am
Sunday 12pm―1000pm.
Please be aware during very busy times, staff may be unable to retrieve videos immediately. Grab a pint and wait till they have a free second if you can.
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0117 974 2570
112 Ashley Down BS7 9jr
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Why we love it

The oldest video store in the world, with the largest collection of DVDs in the UK, has now launched a club where you can watch unlimited movies from a carefully curated and constantly rotated collection of over 100 titles. You can drop off any films from 20th Century Flicks at this central, North Bristol hub, and as a member, you can check out as many films from the collection, two at a time.


The Lazy Dog Film Club has included some of their favourite films in the collection, as well as the staff of the pub! Ask your bartender for their favourite, and see if it's in?