Falafel King's Cabin (City Centre)

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0117 329 4476
Falafel King, City Centre, BS1 4DJ
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Why we love it

When Falafel King began falafel'ing way back in 2000, not many people knew what a falafel was... After all, this was at least a half decade before the great Hummus revolution of c.2005/2006. These days, the Falafel is a veggie and vegan staple - and Falafel King is riding a chickpea-filled wave of popularity as a cult-favourite for ravenous students and hungry young-professionals. Head to their city-centre kiosk this lunchtime for your pitta and falafel hit - you won't regret it.

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Can’t get better falafel on the centre. These guys are miles ahead of everyone else.


Always friendly and quick service. Does it's one thing well.


The King.


Wonderful friendly service, delicious food and very generous portions. They have a clear passion for what they do!


Food van near the watery steps - quiz and easy


No where to sit but lovely staff and lovely food