Falafel King (Cotham Hill)

Opening Times
Monday - Saturday 10.30am - 10.30pm
Sunday 10.45 - 7.30pm
Middle EasternVegetarianVegan£Mezze

0117 329 4476
6 Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6LF
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Why we love it

Falafel King has reigned the falafel scene in Bristol from the very beginning. The small, unassuming takeaway cart has stood for several years beside the harbour, and introduced many Bristolians to deep-fried chickpeas. The Falafel King restaurant can be found along Cotham Hill in all its Bedouin-style glory, and serves a wider range of Middle Eastern cuisine. A cave-like kasbah of authentic Israeli and Mediterranean delights, it promises an entertaining evening of mezze madness. A real original of Bristol's explosive food scene.


BYO Lunchbox Friendly
The squidgy own-baked Abu Noor pitta breads
Huddling round a hot falafel wrap on a crisp harbourside day
Discovering The Kahn - think Aladdin's cave with great food

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Added extra halloumi for only £1.00!


The vibes in here are amazing and the staff were so so nice, no judgement on not really knowing how the restaurant worked/what you got, they were super happy to explain everything and the food was amazing!


The best falafel in Bristol, and the salads are all lovely and fresh to go with them. The warm plates have also all been good that I have tried. Staff are super friendly and very laid back.


Delicious wrap!


Lovely atmohspehere and amazing food


The food was absolutely delicious and the staff were outstanding, they couldn’t be more friendly! The chef came out and chatted to us, such a lovely guy. Loved the flash fried broccoli! We will be back for sure!!